Extremely Simple Under-Layout Mounting and all Linkage is included.

Dimensions: 2” x 2” x 3 1/4”

See below for alternate mounting options.


Part No.



6-Pack  800-6006

12-Pack  800-6012

A thin, precise, laser-cut plastic template for use in assisting when multiple TORTOISE™ switch machines are to be installed in the standard under-layout configuration.

800-6190    Tortoise™ Drilling Template

Extra Cable and Actuator for RTM

The CIRCUITRON Remote Tortoise™ Mount is capable of driving up to 2 cables and actuators at the same time, thus allowing a single Tortoise™ to actuate two sets of points simultaneously, such as for crossover use.  However, we generally recommend that if you have the room to mount a pair of TORTOISEs™ conventionally, it will only cost you a couple dollars more and the labor for conventional mounting is substantially less.

800-6101    Extra Cable & Actuator –RTM

Tortoise™ Accessories

RTMRemote Tortoise™ Mount

The CIRCUITRON Remote Tortoise™ Mount consists of a molded base mechanism to which the Tortoise™ (not included) is mounted.  An adjustable lever arm is fastened onto the Tortoise™ output and drives a stainless steel wire inside a flexible teflon tube, much like a sub-miniature choke cable.  This thin wire attaches to a compact actuator mechanism and is mounted beneath the turnout.  It includes a spring wire and brass tube to transmit the motion to the points above.  The mounting bracket (with Tortoise™) may be secured in any position and up to 18” away from the turnout points—even above the layout inside a structure, if desired.  The points actuating mechanism requires 1/2” clearance under the turnout sub-roadbed.  The RTM is fully adjustable for all scales and brands of turnouts. 

800-6100    RTM   Remote Tortoise™ Mount

Tortoise™ Drilling Template

RSARemote Signal Activator

Mounting bracket and mechanism utilize the TORTOISE™ (not included) and a special drive wire cable assembly to remotely actuate any crossing gate, train order board or upper/lower quadrant semaphore signal having a vertical control wire extending below the layout.  Signals of this type include ones manufactured by NJ International, Tomar and others. There are fully adjustable, precise, stops provided at both ends of travel for excellent repeatability.  The total travel  can be adjusted between 0.1” and 0.7” for use in all scales.  Can drive 2 cables from the one mechanism, if desired, for dual crossing gate installations.  3 position Semaphore control can be achieved with the addition of the SD-2 Semaphore Driver.

800-8100    RSA   Remote Signal Activator

800-8101    Extra Cable & Actuator for RSA


AC Adapter

110 volt AC wall plug adapter outputs filtered 12 volts DC at up to 500 milliamps of current.  Sufficient to power up to 30 TORTOISE™ Switch Machines.  Also ideal for powering many of CIRCUITRON’s electronic circuits when a filtered DC power source is specified.

800-7212    AC Adapter   





In later 2019, a couple of major changes are occurring with the TORTOISE™.  After 34 years, our supplier for the special, very low current motor used in the machine shut down their production, causing us to scramble to find a new motor supplier.  Fortunately, we were successful and the new company matched all our old specifications so that TORTOISE™ performance has not been affected.  You should notice no difference between older and current machines. 


In addition, our circuit board manufacturer told us our tooling was worn out and they wanted an exorbitant price to replace it.  We decided to find a new source and were successful.  The new circuit boards will be made of FR-4 epoxy laminate and will be GREEN on both sides.  This will provide easy identification of the newer boards, but other than appearance and quality, the new boards are very similar to the ones we have been using for 34 years.  Except for a couple things.  The new boards have a wider, industry standard connection flange whereas the older tan boards were undersized.  This may create problems if you are trying to fit a new TORTOISE™ into an older undersized edge connector.  But they will fit fine in any industry standard 8 position edge connector.  In addition, we took the opportunity to change the hole spacing and added a new row of holes as well.  This will allow the use of Molex style connectors as well as the 3.81mm spaced terminal blocks that CIRCUITRON already sells and uses on our SMAIL™.