Circuitron has numerous technical support documents relating to our products and it is not feasible to post them all here.  In addition, many of our circuits can be used in ways that are not even documented or the documentation may be in the form of a simple pencil sketch.    If you do not find the information you require, please send us an email note with all your questions/concerns detailed to and we will get back to you with further information.




Many questions regarding our products are answered in these pages.  Please check here first to see if your problem is covered.  Because many of these questions require rather extensive answers, the FAQ page contains a few direct answers on it but also links to additional pages with this information for the more detailed explanations.  If a link is not yet active, this may mean that no response has yet been uploaded.  It will be in the future.  Please email us with any questions for which you do not find an answer at

Although Circuitron’s instruction sheets are very detailed, it is impractical to try and describe EVERY possible application.  To do so would just make the instructions unnecessarily bulky and difficult to understand.  Whenever further information and description is required, you will find a reference in the instruction sheet to a specialized Application Note.  Some products may have additional Application Notes not mentioned in the instructions.  By clicking the link above you will be taken to a complete index of our available Application Notes which are in .PDF format for easy reading and printing.   These notes are indexed by category and those categories are in alphabetical order.   Email us with any questions for which you do not find an answer at

All of Circuitron’s printed instruction sheets as provided with our products are available in this section in .PDF format for easy reading and printing.  The links are in numerical order by product part number.   Our alphanumeric model number is shown wherever applicable but these will not be in any specific order.  If a link is not active, it may mean that the original instructions have not yet been converted to .PDF.  Please email us with any questions for which you do not find an answer at

Most of the technical support pages and information are stored as .PDF files on our server for ease of reading and printing.  This requires you to have Adobe Reader on your computer.  If you do not have it, you can download it here: